PMU Fixator (33 ml)


  • Truly an excellent solution for professional beauticians for cosmetic tattoo finishing.
  • Recommended for home use for clients.
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Post-tattoo product:

  • Indeed, excellent solution for professionals for post-tattoo treatment.

How to use:

  • Apply a very small amount of the Fixator on the eyes, eyebrows, lips, areola, scar, or scalp area straight after micropigmentation. Use a cotton stick to spread the product in a thin layer.

Home use:

  • Is recommended for home use for clients with oily skin or excessive amount of lymph during and after the treatment. Shall be applied on a clean skin in the evening for 14 days. Rinse the area with water before Fixator application.


  • Fixator prevents pigment loss or fading of new permanent makeup and optimizes pigment retention in the skin for a longer period.

Vegan product.



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