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We have once again combined German engineering with special design for the MS-3. The result is a device that will be a real eye-catcher in your studio. It immediately catches the eye thanks to its elegant appearance – the slim housing is made of brushed aluminum. If you travel for your work, you are certain to enjoy the benefits of this device’s small, compact design. Facile offers a needle speed of up to 150 hits per second, and you can control how deep the needles penetrate. The low vibration and low noise will ensure that your customers enjoy their treatments with this device.


With the Meso Power Device MS-3 you can offer professional non-invasive mesotherapy with a high standard of hygiene. With special attention to design and high-quality materials, the outer casing is made of brushed aluminum. The slim handpiece is attached to the stainless steel clipboard held by two small magnets.


The Meso Power Device MS-3 is finished to the highest quality. The ergonomically shaped handpiece produces very little noise or vibration and is easy to hold. The hygiene modules can be operated at a working speed of 50 to 150 strokes per second. The device is suitable for use in state-of-the-art clinical microneedling and non-invasive mesotherapy.


The Meso Power Device MS-3 is manufactured in Germany. Particular emphasis is placed on quality, precision and performance. In addition, the hygiene modules used in conjunction with the equipment are equipped with a patented safety membrane.

Meso Power Device MS-3 is an affordable device with unlimited benefits:

  • Sophisticated and safe clinical microneedling and non-invasive mesotherapy device 

  • Disposable hygiene module with patented safety membrane

  • Suitable for the treatment of lighter and darker skin tones 
    (Fitzpatrick I – V)

  • Needle length can be adjusted by turning the handpiece

  • The handpiece does not reach very high temperatures even after prolonged use.

  • No ablation or visible damage to the skin

  • Adjustable needle speed. The frequency can be set to 11 levels, from 50-150 NPS (needle lift per second)

  • The selected needle frequency is digitally displayed

  • Option to connect a second handpiece

  • Minimal regeneration time of the skin

  • Low risk of PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

  • Low noise and low vibration

  • Manufactured in Germany by MT.DERM


These methods are used widely and successfully for anti-age treatments (wrinkles, hair loss, stretchmarks) and reduction of scars depths. The treated skin has very short regeneration phase / downtime after treatments with Meso Power Device MS-3, which is a great benefit for your client.




MT.DERM places great importance on quality and safety. For this reason, the certification of our quality management system is rated very highly in our company according to ISO 13485.

ISO 13485 is a standard that sets out the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system in the areas of development, production, after-sales service and the assembly of medical devices.

Our certificates for medical approval (micropigmentation/microneedling/hygiene modules): EC certificate: G1 17 05 67752 012ISO 13485 certificate: Q1N 17 05 67752 011


2 years warranty on machine and handset.






Operating Conditions

Ambient temperature: +10 °C to +35 °C
Relative humidity: 30% to 75%
Width x height x depth: 230 x 45 x 185 mm
Weight of handpiece: ca 100 g
Total weight: 1100 g



Technical Parameters

  • Type: AD-1.3-MN-MP

  • Rated voltage: 15 V – (DC)

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • Power input: 5.7 V A max

  • Working frequency: selectable from 50 – 150 hits / second

  • Drive: precision DC motor

  • Operating mode: continuous operation

The European Union increases the protection of employees and patients from sharp instruments.

A new EU directive will minimise the risk of injury and infection caused by sharp and pointed instruments.

As well as companies in the health sector, the directive will also oblige mesotherapy practitioners and permanent make-up providers to use safe needle systems with integrated safety mechanisms. The needlepoints are always drawn back into the nozzle when not in use and only apply mesotherapy ingredients and PMU colours to the skin during use/activation.


If you choose our patented hygiene module system, you will already meet the requirements of the EU directive.


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