MESO MICRONEEDLING MODULE (Package with 10 Modules for mesoskinline Handpiece)



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MESO microneedling  module (For MESO POWER DEVICE MS-3)

MESO microneedling module with needle plate, with (6 x 0,3 mm) or (6 x 0.7 mm) needles.
  • The distance

  • between the needles and skin is adjustable.

  • With this state of the art module, you can stimulate, open the top layer of the skin and effectively treat individual parts of the skin. 

  • Use it together with suitable mesoskinline cocktails or similar products.

  • The most advanced clinical microneedling unit on the market.

  • Sterile disposable needle module with patented safety membrane.

  • Suitable for treating all skin colours.


With the MESO microneedling module, you can effectively treat all areas of the skin with hyaluronic acid or with mesoskinline meso-cocktails products.


The module consists of six safe micro-needles, which stimulate the top layer of the skin (epidermis) in a mild and effective manner.


Via micro perforations in the skin, micro-needles insert the active anti-ageing ingredients (mesoskinline meso-cocktails) creating natural and almost painless cell renewal. 


Cell renewal following a microneedling meso treatment leaves the skin tighter, improves its appearance and reduces wrinkles and minor imperfections.

Double effect with MESO microneedling module

  • The needles create invisible microscopic holes, which activate the skin's own natural healing process, producing more collagen and elastin. This naturally increases the skin's resilience.

  • Meanwhile, mesoskinline meso-cocktails flow into the skin during treatment, not after the treatment (unlike many other micro-needling treatments). The skin therefore absorbs all of the vitamins and amino acids from the products optimally, while renewing itself.


This improves the treatment result by approx. 30%, and allows optimum absorption of the active ingredients in the right quantities and in the correct skin layers.

The advantages for the patient are obvious:

  • the redness fades away shortly after the treatment

  • very low risk of infections, due to the rapid closure of the puncture

  • negligible undesirable side effects

  • minimal convalescence

  • long lasting results



  • equipped with a safety membrane and a tilting needle plate

  • sterile and for single use only

  • patented

  • Made in Germany

  • easy access also to difficult areas due to the small size and tilting needle plate 

  • low epidermal trauma due to powerful skin penetration

  • As the skin's barrier has been opened to active anti-ageing ingredients, additional ingredients from the MESO ANTI-AGE MASK used post-treatment are absorbed more effectively. 






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