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Extremely high sun protection with anti-ageing effect


This treatment benefits

  • Sun block with three effects

  • Anti-ageing

  • Protection against UVB and UVA rays

  • Moisturising

  • Soothing

  • Wrinkle reduction

  • ALOE VERA (calming effect)

Main treatment areas

  • Face

  • Body

  • Hands

Active ingredients

  • SPF 50+

  • SYN-AKE 

  • Hyaluronic Acid

  • Colloidal Oat

  • Aloe

Day cream with incredibly high sun protection and anti-age effect

MESO LIFT AND PROTECT is a day cream with sun protection. It is ideal for sensitive skin, photodermatoses (sun allergy), light sensitivity caused by some medications, pigmentation spots, premature ageing and immunological changes. Helps prevent dermatological ailments as a result of extreme exposure to UVB and UVa rays (SPF 50+), including sun allergy, spots, elastose, premature ageing and the consequences from the accumulative effects of radiation on the skin. 

The tolerance and efficiency of MESO LIFT AND PROTECT has been tested under dermatological conditions.

MESO LIFT AND PROTECT is a multifunctional product. As well as being an effective sun protection against UVB and UVA rays, the formula is also enriched with valuable active ingredients that guarantee:


  • Protection against UV rays

  • Moisturising

  • Soothing



The famous Aloe Vera or Aloe barbadensis is scientifically tested on all types of burns, whether from radiation, thermic burns or the sun.  It has also proven to have a preventative effect when applies before, during and after skin damage.


Many of the benefits of AV come from the polysaccharides found in the gel from the leaves. But several other natural chemical substances in Aloe Vera extract are associated with beneficial health-promoting effects: Amino acids, anthraquinones, enzymes, organic and inorganic substances, fats, carbohydrates, lignin, salicylic acid, saponins, sterols and vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, β-carotene, choline, folic acid and α-tocopherol).



SYN-AKE is based on a patented mechanism. It copies the sequence of the essential amino acids in connection with the Waglerin-1-function. SYN-AKE’s safety and activity has been thoroughly tested.


Its effect focuses on an immediate and long-lasting relaxation of wrinkles by blocking the neuro trans mission in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. The peptide is an antagonist to the membrane of muscular nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (mnAChR). As the muscular nicotinic ACH receptor is blocked, the ion channel remains closed. There is no absorption of Na+ and the muscle cells remain relaxed. The transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles is inhibited and the facial muscles are relaxed. 


The efficacy of the SYN-AKE tripeptide has been demonstrated in vitro by measuring the rate of contraction of the affected muscle cells as a function during the incubation period.

HA low molecular weight (5-10 kDa)

Hyaluronic acid and the more general mucopolysaccharides are among the primary components of connective tissue structures. Hyaluronic acid’s incredibly low molecular weight (5-10 kDa) in MESO LIFT AND PROTECT improves intracutaneous penetration and forms a new raw material for the formation of a medium molecular weight of hyaluronic acid.

This form of hyaluronic acid is especially suitable for retaining water both in the connective tissue and in the deeper layer of the skin (and is therefore responsible for profound hydration). In the upper layers of the skin, the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is reduced.


Colloidal oatmeal has been used for thousands of years to treat skin ailments. Colloidal oatmeal is popular for its moisturising, cleansing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its chemical heterogeneity. 


It has been proven that oatmeal extract inhibits activity of the nuclear factor Kappa B (NF-kappa B) in keratinocytes and the release of proinflammatory histamine of cytokines.


It also produces arachidonic acid, the cytosolic phospholipase A2 and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha).


Colloidal oatmeal  has proven to be a safe and effective ingredient in various products for personal care. It contains a number of active ingredients, including polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, saponins, enzymes, flavonoids, vitamins and avenanthramides (polyphenols).


A total of 47 people took part in the study of the clinical efficacy of a body cream that contained oatmeal. This study showed that the skin’s moisture was at all times significantly higher, even two weeks after stopping use of the cream, compared to the baseline.


The surface area with dead epithelial cells and the epithelial scaling index on the lower arm were significantly reduced at all times during the study, compared to the baseline.




Defend data

The efficacy of the SYN-AKE tripeptide has been demonstrated in vitro by measuring the rate of contraction of the affected muscle cells as a function during the incubation period.


  • Significantly reduces the contraction of muscle cells

  • Fast-acting

  • Long-lasting

  • Completely reversible


Defend data

The calculation of the soothing and anti-wrinkle effects of SYN AKE were compared with placebo. Cream was applied to the forehead daily for 28 days. The study included 15 volunteers per group (age range 40-60).


  • Up to 52% reduction in wrinkles after 28 days

  • Measurable soothing effect in 80% of volunteers

  • Measurable reduction of wrinkles in 73% of volunteers








Difference in skin status of two identical twins with different sun protection.



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