3-Power Hygiene Module (3 x 0,3 mm)


  • A box with 15 x modules
  • Sterile and for single use only
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3-Power Safety Hygiejne Module  (3 x 0,3 mm)

The 3-power module has 3 ultra sharp needles, which are slightly curved inward. A special conical shape, so it better penetrates the skin and thus brings more pigment into the skin.

With power modules, the procedure time is usually 30% faster. At least 4-6 weeks should pass between the procedures, otherwise scar tissue can appear.

Best suited for thicker skin, which is typically also combinated or oily.


  • It is slightly thinner than a 3-liner and is used for the top and bottom eyeliner, among other things, when the line doesn’t need to be too thick.
  • It is also used for the hairstroke technique on the eyebrows, the fine contour of the lips and is ideal for the pixel technique on the eyebrows.


If you reprocess the same line with the needle module, small incisions will appear on the skin, which can leave visible scars! Power modules are the most powerful needles that require careful and gentle technique from the master.

EU patented needle modules

  • minimal damage to the skin, almost no swelling or bleeding on a delicate eyelid skin
  • even and rapid pigment retention already at the first pass
  • significantly fewer cases of herpes
  • remarkably fast healing
  • the needle can be dipped in pigment or pigment can be poured directly into the module
  • no contact with unprotected needle as the needle is always inside the module
  • no contamination risk thanks to the construction of the needle module
  • the hygiene modules do not require sterilization as they are sterile and disposable
  • individual packaging with own serial number


Select type:

Click Module (For PMUpower Device), Screw module (For MESOpower Device)


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